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Sunny Side Up, 2015

Site specific at artist run space Sleep Center, NY/ Site Specific en Sleep Center, NY

Photos by Amal Kahn


Press Release:

     SLEEP CENTER x STANDARD PRACTICE x UNBAG is proud to present new work by Sofia Quirno.

     Sofia Quirno is an Argentinian born artist currently working in New York City. Her practice has its roots in painting and drawing, but has evolved to respond to the spaces in which she works, becoming a combination of painting in the expanded field, site specific installation and a remnant of performance, the act of making on-site.

     Taking her cues from the physical realities of a place, she creates a space of potentials, of unreality, of magic time. Layers of memory, layers of fantasy, layers of narrative are worked into surfaces, onto objects, projected, formed with detritus. Experiences from decades ago are combined with impressions from moments ago to form a vibrating and telescopic notion of time and narrative.

     Sunny Side Up is an acceptance of both the space and the new beginning it offers. Working without preconceived concepts but the ever-flowing idea of the everyday. Sunny Side Up, is Quirno's “American” morning, a fresh start and a space for new possibilities. Quirno is the yoke in the white cube.


SLEEP CENTER, located on the harmonious Monroe Street of Chinatown, New York, is a safe house/experimental lab for art and ideas that provides local communities and international audiences with a forum for cultural dialogue. 

STANDARD PRACTICE is a nomadic curatorial project dedicated to providing exhibition and development opportunities to emerging artists. It was founded by Jessie English and Eric Feigenbaum.

UNBAG is an artist collective that supports discursive approaches to art. It stages regular events in which artists lead discussion concerning ideas, projects, texts, or theory pertinent to their practice. It was founded by Andy Wentz and Aaron Cooper.